VEVA Precut for HPA300 Premium Carbon Activated Pre Filters

Material type: Carbon Fiber
Color: Black
Package quantity: 1


Our Goal is Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh and Clean with our HPA300 Activated Carbon Pre-Filters!

Air has never felt so pure before with VEVA Advanced Filters.

Pet owners, smokers, people suffering from asthma or allergies trust VEVA Advanced Filters for their needs, whether to remove odors, smells, allergens, dander, pollen, pet hair, dust or smoke from their household.

► INCREDIBLE VALUE IN EACH PACK -With 4 filters in every pack, this may last up to 6 months for each filter depending on your usage. Lower quality replacement filters allow dust & particles to escape into your main HEPA filter which is costly to replace.

► SUPER FAST INSTALLATION -No more time consuming cutting and measuring you’ll have your machine running in a matter of minutes. These are specially cut and designed to fit HW HPA300 Air Purifier Pre-Filter Dimensions: 14.2” x 17.2” x 0.2”.

Click ADD TO CART NOW and receive VEVA Advanced Filters 100% Money-Back Guarantee! Backed by our 90-day no-questions-asked refund policy.

  • COMPLETE REPLACEMENT - Our carbon pre-filters greatly reduce the amount of dust & particles getting into your main filter. Replacing your main HEPA filter is costly so with 4 pre-filters, you can save both time & money.
  • NO MORE MEASURING AND CUTTING - Measuring and cutting filters are time-consuming and potentially inaccurate. Now you can replace your dirty old filter in a matter of minutes! These are specially cut and designed to fit HW HPA300 Air Purifier (this is the air purifier with 3 HEPA filters). Pre-Filter Dimensions: 14.2” x 17.2” x 0.2”.
  • REMOVE ODOR, SMELL, AND SMOKE - Made from Premium Quality Activated Carbon to help keep your home smelling fresh and odor free. Ideal for households with pets, cooking, smokers & people suffering from asthma or allergies.
  • 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE - Feel the difference in the air or your money back, no questions asked. Just a prompt, courteous refund. At VEVA Advanced Filters, we want to ensure you are breathing easy in the comfort and safety of your home.

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