UltraBlock Mattress Storage Bag

Material type: Polyethylene
Size: Full



Our professional grade mattress bags for moving are made from commercial quality 6 Mil polyethylene, the ultimate material to prevent punctures & tears. The end of our extra-tough mattress storage bag is gusseted to form a "3D" mattress shaped envelope for an easy fit.

Our design also includes an 11” closure flap with 2 self-adhesive strips creating a super fast and easy way to protect your mattress or box spring. Add packaging tape to create a complete air and watertight seal for the ultimate protection.

Built a little larger than your mattress or boxspring, it’s easier to grip our mattress bags for moving. Perfect for short-term or long-term storage. Can also be used as a mattress disposal bag to safely get rid of soiled or bed bug infested mattresses.

No vent holes! Some competing products have vent holes, but not ours! We designed our bags without vent holes to make sure no liquids, dust, bugs or other critters can get into your mattress while in transit or storage.

We designed our mattress moving & storage bag to remedy complaints found in the reviews of several other bag manufacturers. Three of the biggest problems are:

Problem #1: “The bag is too thin and rips, punctures or tears easily.”

Our Solution: We use extra-thick 6 Mil polyethylene – the heaviest and toughest on the market. You won’t have to worry about rips, tears or punctures.

Problem #2: “There is no closing flap or adhesive strips to keep the bag closed.”

Our Solution: We include an 11" closure flap and 2 extra-wide, self-adhesive strips to easily and securely close the bag.

Problem #3: “The mattress is hard to carry when it is inside the bag.”

Our Solution: We make our bags larger than your mattress to provide extra bag material to grip firmly for easy carrying.

If you are looking for the ultimate in protection for your mattress, order our UltraBlock waterproof mattress bag today!

  • * HEAVY-DUTY: Our waterproof mattress bags include dual extra-wide self-adhesive closure slips - just PEEL & SEAL
  • * EASY TO USE: Easy to grip to simply slide the entire mattress in - fits Full size mattresses up to 15" thick
  • * HIGHLY DURABLE: Extra Thick 6 Mil puncture & tear-resistant polyethylene with NO vent holes for max protection for storage or disposal
  • * SEALABLE & LEAKPROOF: Protect your mattress & box spring from dust, dirt, & moisture when moving or storing
  • * REUSABLE PLASTIC: 100% recyclable & environmentally friendly - If you EVER have an issue we will send you a replacement on us, no questions asked

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