Winks Travel Premium Traveling Pouch

Size: One Size
Color: Night Sky - Black


Product Description

Travel Gear That Provides Peace of Mind for You and Your Family

Being in new places is so exciting and for travelers like us at Winks Travel, it's one of the most rewarding experiences in life...

But the stress associated with traveling to distant lands can be overwhelming and actually prevents many adults from traveling the world both alone and with their family.

That's why we designed theWinks Travel Neck Wallet with RFID Blocking Protection.

Ever felt the panic of the ID/Passport/Boarding Pass scramble?

Ever been in a foreign, crowded marketplace, bumping into person after person?

There is nothing worse than the sudden feeling of your heart dropping when your mind shifts to "where's my wallet?" or "Did I remember my passport?." How about the tight clutch on your purse to make sure you can feel an unfriendly tug? Or walking with your hands in your pockets, making sure that you always have you hand on your wallet?

The Winks Travel Neck Wallet alleviates all of these discomforts... And it does so discreetly and fashionably.

Our neck wallet is large enough to fit all of your travel necessities, but small enough to comfortably fit under your clothes and remain hidden.

Built to Last - 210D Rip-stop Nylon

Like you, we were tired of flimsy, throw-away travel products that didn't last more than a few days of a trip.

Designed for all of life's expeditions, we used the toughest quality materials at our disposal...

  • 210D Rip-stop Nylonwill not tear and it is water-resistant, so it stands up to harsh conditions including rainy weather.
  • Easy-glide zipperswith handy pull tabs make getting in and out of this travel wallet a cinch.
  • Breathable Moisture-wicking Mesh Backingis soft against your skin and prevents excessive moisture build-up.
  • Tough shoulder strapis comfortable and less bulky.

Travel Confidently Because You Are Protected From Electronic Pick-pocketers

Living in an age of technology provides daily luxuries that we take for granted... But it also gives thieves a brand new way to pick your pockets.

Electronic pickpocketers are on the rise. Armed with a small Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) reader, pick pocketers can simply pass by you and electronically steal your credit card information.

That's whywe laced our travel neck wallet with 2 layers of RFID blocking material. This material creates a barrier between the thief's electronic reader and your credit and bank cards.

Don't get bogged down with a mess of RFID sleeves. With pockets specifically designed for credit cards you can stay organized and have peace of mind.

The Ultimate Organizational Travel Wallet for Any Occasion

The Perfect Travel Companion for All of Life's Expeditions

  • Breeze through airports, bus stops and train stations
  • Safely explore the crowded marketplaces of Bangkok
  • Hike the steps of ancient temples in Siem Reap
  • Root for your favorite football club in the pubs of Ireland
  • Squeeze through the busy streets of Tokyo
  • Dodge the water buffalo in Kenya
  • And more

All in 1 Shoulder Wallet for Any Occasion

More than just a travel product, this neck wallet was made for all of life's adventures.

  • Music festivals and concerts
  • Around town running errands
  • Sporting events of all kinds
  • Theme parks
  • Perfect mommy purse - fits in diaper bag
  • And more

7 Pocket Versatility Fits All Essentials

  • Money, coins, credit cards
  • Passport, drivers license
  • Smart phone (iPhone 6+)
  • Roomkey
  • Boarding Passes
  • Itineraries and travel brochures
  • Bandaids, medication, sanitize
  • Chapstick, lipstick
  • Tissue
  • Safety pins
  • Gum, mints
  • Car keys
  • Headphones, pen and more
  • ORGANIZE ALL TRAVEL ESSENTIALS - With 7 pockets, you have the versatility to stash your valuables to your liking. Carry your iPhone 6+, 4 passports, medication, first aid, chapstick/lipstick, credit cards, room key, car keys, itinerary, boarding pass, ID, money, loose change, gum, and more. There is even a loop to carry a pen.
  • SAFE FROM PICK-POCKETING – Electronic pick-pocketers are looking for easy targets. Not only can the Winks neck wallet be hidden under garments, it is also laced with RFID blocking material to keep your identity secure.
  • CONVENIENCE & FLEXIBILITY - 7 pockets throughout make organizing your valuables versatile to fit your needs. Quickly access your smartphone, passport, airline tickets, money, medication, room key, credit cards and more. Simply throw it over your shoulder, around your neck and under your clothing.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY MATERIALS AND COMFORT - Made with 210D rip stop waterproof nylon, rest assured, you will never need to buy another travel neck wallet. The breathable, padded moisture wicking mesh back is soft against your skin, helps reduce sweat buildup, and is not itchy like less expensive travel gear.
  • BUY MORE AND SAVE - 100% LIFETIME MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE - Save up to 25% off when you purchase multiple Winks Travel neck wallets and our other great products too.

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