Thirteen Chefs Thirteen Chefs Marble Pastry Board

Material type: stone
Size: 16 x 12 Inch
Color: White Carrara


Size:16 x 12 Inch |  Color:White Carrara

Thirteen Chefs White Marble Pastry Board - 16 x 12 Inch

A beautiful white marble pastry board is the perfect addition to a baker's kitchen. Marble is prized for both its gorgeous look and ability to hold a cold temp, which is useful when rolling pastry dough, tempering chocolate or just keeping cheese cool.

Our marble is 1/2" thick and harvested from real quarries and not faux or made of composite materials. This leads to better thermal properties that help to retain a cold (or hot) surface when using. Be aware that marble is a natural stone and each piece will vary with color and vein composition. That means the board you receive may look different than the one in the photos.

Each board is pre-fitted with 1/2 inch tall rubber feet that serve to prevent slipping and also make it easy to pick up the board.

Weighs 8 pounds. Total height is 1".

  • Beautiful White Marble - Pastry Board and cutting board adds an elegant touch to any kitchen
  • White Carrara Color Marble - Genuine quarry harvested marble with white and gray coloration veins
  • For Pastry and Chocolates - Real marble keeps a cool temperature is practical for pastry, dough or chocolate work. The polished gloss surface prevents sticking and easy clean up.
  • Raised Rubber Non-Slip Feet - Six total feet prevent moving and slipping while rolling dough and assists with picking up pastry board after use.
  • Measures 16x12 inches long and wide. Marble is 1/2" thick and total height with feet is 1".

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