Tape King TX100 Dispenser Industrial Tape Gun

Size: 1-Pack



1-Pack Packing Tape Gun - Seal All Your Boxes to Perfection with the #1 Tape Gun Dispenser by Tape King!

Are you sick and tired of spending money on unreliable tape gun dispensers that fail you?

Are you looking for a professional quality, heavy duty tape gun dispenser that will make packaging a breeze?

Look no further.

Fast & Effortless Taping In a Whiz!

Tape King large, metal tape gun dispenser is your perfect go-to tool for all your taping projects.

Use it for sealing boxes, packaging, shipping, moving or even for covering the walls before painting and save time and effort!

Its comfortable, pistol grip handle allows you to use this tape dispenser for high volume shipping, without tiring your hands.

Threading a New Roll Is Now Made Easy Thanks to Its Smart, Side Loading Design

Forget about your old tape dispensers that always gave you a hard time. No more tearing and splitting your tape. The smart side loading design allows you to quickly thread a new tape roll in just seconds, so you can go on with your packing.

A Durable Tape Gun Dispenser Made to Last for All Your Taping Projects

Made of high quality, durable metal, this tape dispenser is guaranteed to make your life easier and outlast all others.

*Includes 1 Free Bonus Roll of Tape

Tape King is a registered trademark and is sold exclusively through MaxPro Direct on Amazon. Any violators of said trademark will be prosecuted to the fullest extent.

  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY: The perfect, professional solution for quick and easy packing and sealing of boxes, packages, cartons or wall taping before painting. With a heavy duty metal housing that protects the mechanism, this tape gun dispenser is made to last for years and perform excellently for all your taping projects.
  • COMFORTABLE ERGONOMIC GRIP: Perfect for the house, office, warehouse and with a specially designed large, pistol grip handle, this large tape gun dispenser provides maximum comfort and ease, making it ideal for high-volume shipping.
  • EASY ROLL THREADING: The side loading design makes is easy and safe for everyone to use. The little metal flap will easily flip down, making threading new rolls a breeze and allow you tape to unroll smoothly, without splitting or tearing.
  • ADJUSTABLE BRAKE: Featuring an adjustable brake that allows you to control the tension while shipping, this packing tape gun dispenser will let you pack effortlessly, faster.
  • 1 TAPE GUN + BONUS 1 FREE ROLL OF TAPE INCLUDED + EASY TO USE: Lightweight and very easy to use, this handheld tape dispenser allows you to pack, seal and cover anything in no time, without tiring your hands.

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