Tape King Clear Packing Tape 3.2 mil Thick

Size: 36 Rolls / 3.2 Mil Thick


Product Description

Extremely thick 3.2mil packing tape. Buy in bulk and Save Big!

You are purchasing a bulk case of 36 rolls!

Introducing our super thick 3.2mil, ultra adhesive clear packing tape with aproximately 60 yards per roll. You are receiving our extra thick 36 tape refills rolls in each carton with 60 yards per roll and a total of 2160 yards of tape per package. 

2" Wide Tape with a 3" Core Diameter  (please view image above)

Easily apply the roll of tape in a standard packing tape dispenser gun and start taping away.  Use on boxes, cartons, shipping packages, envelopes, mailers and more. Or you can just unwind the roll and cut with scaissors or a blade.

Heavy Duty & Industrial - Easy Application for Optimal Results

With its thickness, our tape won't tear apart as you use it to seal your carton boxes. Keep your belongings protected and neatly organized thanks to this powerful, clear packing tape.

Multipurpose and Handy

Whether it’s home removals, sealing, shipping and mailing packages, or simply storing household items that you’re up to, this amazing, handy, clear tape will go without a hitch.

Welcome to the Tape King Family!

Providing quality tape adhesives is our #1 goal.  We expect the best from our manufacturers and want to pass those savings on to our loyal customers.

*Note: The strong glue ingredient in our tape is water based acrylic polymer adhesive. It is a safe and friendly adhesive compared to standard hot melt adhesives (which is still a commonly used ingredient in many packing tapes on the market). Our #1 goal is to blend strong adhesion while reducing much of the odor stemming polymer glue reaction. We take the health and safety of our customers a priority. Shop with trust and confidence from a USA brand!

  • ULTRA ADHESIVE & VERY THICK: At 3.2mil thickness, get optimal results with this super adhesive, EXTREMELY DURABLE clear tape. Tape King tape is 10 times STRONGER than any other, regular tape. No matter what you are up to, this excellent quality packing tape promises to get the work done the right way. We all know how ugly and disappointing a bad taping job can be, but with this extra strong, multipurpose depot tape, box packing and storage becomes a breeze.
  • VOLUME CASE DISCOUNT: 60 Yards per roll. This packing clear tape offers you MORE TAPE PER ROLL at a FRACTION OF THE COST of similar products. Why spend tons of money when you can get a total of 2160 yards in a package of 36 rolls. With each roll having a good 60 yards of extra adhesive tape, this heavy duty depot tape is a true value for money offer.
  • HEAVY DUTY USE: Ditch the low quality tapes for something more commercial and industrial. When you use this packing clear tape you experience the beauty of PERFECT, EFFICIENT and EASY TAPING that promises MAXIMUM SEALING and PROTECTION for your goods as well as an AESTHETICALLY PLEASING result.
  • MULTIPURPOSE PACKAGING TAPE: Tape King is a carton sealing tape that can be used for home removals, shipping and mailing, for storing and organizing household items, but also for anything that one expects from a household multipurpose tape. This moving and packing tape will always come in handy.
  • STANDARD SIZE FITS ALL: Confused about all the measurements? The dimension of this tape measures at 2 Inch Width x 60 Yards Length or (50mm x 55m). The diameter inside the core is 3”. Our tape is perfect of everyday use with a tape dispenser or cut with scissors.

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