Restaurant Thick Plastic Cutting Board By Cutting Board

Size: 18 x 12 x 1
Color: Black


Product Description

Professional Quality Cutting Boards

NSF Approved HDPP Plastic

Thirteen Chefs commercial grade cutting boards are designed for heavy use in the most demanding conditions. Chop, cut, slice, dice, filet and carve easily without worry of deterioration or warping. Professional and home cooks alike will benefit from the ultra-durable high-density polypropylene design that is gentle on knives and makes prep work and clean-up a breeze.

Superior Durability for Food Service

Each board is made using a multi-process injection molded manufacturing process with HDPP (high density polypropylene) that has superior wear and heat tolerance compared to PE (polyethylene) cutting boards. The surface is lightly textured to provide a slight grip to help assist with prep work.

Thirteen Chefs is Proudly American

We are an American company that designs quality kitchen ware for professional and home chefs. While most of our manufacturing is done internationally, our entire support and staff, quality control and design teams are all in the US and we pride ourselves on a commitment to safety and quality. Our products can be found in thousands of restaurants, hotels and commercial kitchens across the US.

Why Thirteen Chefs

  • High heat safe up to 215F for commercial dishwashers
  • Superior to standard HDPE poly with higher heat, cold and strength properties
  • Long service life for chopping and heavy duty jobs
  • Weighted board helps prevent sliding and bouncing
  • NSF Stamped
  • Black Plastic Cutting Board - Measures 17 13/16 x 11 13/16 inches (approximate 18x12 inch). Black color for use with pastry, bread and many other uses.
  • High Density Polypropylene (HDPP) - Superior cut, temperature and stain performance vs HDPE, PE and PP poly sold by restaurant and consumer stores.
  • Thick 7/8" Inch Plastic - Heavy duty feel and weight to the cutting board to prevent sliding and slipping while cutting. Cross hatch textured to bead liquids.
  • NSF Certified - Stamped with NSF seal and approved for food service. BPA free
  • Commercial Kitchen Tested - Made for high heat dishwashers. Resists warping and can withstand temperatures up to 185F for maximum sterilization and sanitation.

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