Otis Classic Swing Top Glass Bottles

Size: 32oz / 1 litre
Color: Clear
Package quantity: 1


Our top of the range clear brewing bottles come with quality ceramic lids made of stainless steel (430) closures. Ceramic lids are the durable and elegant alternative to regular plastic lids. You’ll enjoy the traditional style, the extra weight and the gentle ‘clink’ sound they make against the glass.

The large and convenient 32oz size means less funneling during brewing, a more attractive table presence and less trips to the fridge to top up glasses.
We’re sure these bottles will become fast favorites for daily serving or entertaining.

Perfect for brewing batches of kombucha, kefir, limoncello, beer, soda and more. Crystal clear glass make filling a breeze.

Our flip tops come pre-attached to the bottles, no more straining to attach them yourself.

Adding fruit or a lot of priming sugar to your brew? No problem! These are premium quality bottles and caps.

Reusable time and time again and built to last
- Thick heavy glass bottles
- (430) stainless steel closures are dishwasher-safe and won’t rust or peel like cheap chrome.
- Hardwearing ceramic caps will look great for years to come.
- High-pressure bottles rated to 4 bar / 58psi

Bottle measurements:
12.2” high
3.44” diameter
1.2” outside neck diameter
0.8” inside neck diameter

Bottle capacity:

Safety information: Before each new brew, check for any chips or cracks in the glass that could cause weakness. Always put brewing bottles inside a cardboard box or cupboard rather than out on a countertop during fermentation. Daily burping is recommended to release excessive pressure buildup

Click the orange ‘Add to Cart’ button above because this is the highest quality set of 4 clear glass brew bottles that your money can buy.

  • CERAMIC CAPS - Elegant glazed ceramic caps, no cheap plastic here
  • STAINLESS STEEL CLOSURES - Thick and durable 430SS wire won't rust like tin
  • HEAVY DUTY CLEAR GLASS - Rated to 4 bar / 58psi, ideal as 2F kombucha bottles
  • PERFECT CHRISTMAS GIFT - Homemade holiday gift for those who love storing beer, Kambucha, limoncello, and more!

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