Oaktown Supply Toy Baby Blocks

Material type: wood
Minimum age: 18.00 months


  • Your Kids Will Love Learning the Alphabet! - They Will Just Have Tons of Fun Associating a With Alien, U With Underwear or Unicorn and 4 Different, Color Images for Each and Every Letter. Large Enough for Little Hands 1.75".
  • Hours of Engaging Screen-free Play! - Keep Your Kids Entertained Without the Drawbacks That a Flashy Screen Has on a Young Minds Attention Span. Analog Toys Prepare Children for Real Life, Not a Virtual One.
  • Beautiful to Look at and Play With! - Spell Out Your Child’s Name With Colorful Blocks That Have Uniquely Designed, Brightly Colored Letters, Lower Case Letters, Numbers, Icons and Shapes on Every Side. No Boring Brown Icons. No Repeated Icons or Letters. No Generic Art.
  • Easy for Small Hands to Handle! - Our Blocks Are Big and Sized Perfectly for Toddlers to Make Them Manageable for Little Hands. Which Means Your Child Can Focus on the More Important Task Such as Stacking, Balancing, and Knocking Blocks Down Blocks.
  • Completely Safe for Your Child! - Our Blocks Are Too Large to Be Swallowed. Each Production Batch is Tested and Passes All American Testing Standards for Child Safety and Guaranteed to Be Non-toxic by the USA and European Standards. Rest Easy and Play More!

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