NewMe Fitness Adjustable Kettlebell Handle

Size: 1"
Color: Silver


Product Description

  • Save Money & Space With an Adjustable Kettlebell Handle: Regular Kettlebell Weights Aren't Adjustable — and for a Varied Workout, You'd Need a Whole Library of Sizes (a Cost That Would Really Set You Back). This Handle Works With 1" Plates of Varying Weights So You Can Change Up Your Workout.
  • Uses Weight Plates You Already Have: Our Kettlebell Handle Works With Standard 1" Plates Utilized on Dumbbells and Barbells. Swap Out Different Weights to Create a Versatile, Powerful Fitness Tool.
  • Fits Comfortably in Your Hand: With Adjustable Kettlebells, Having a Solid Grip is Essential. Our Ergonomic Handle is Specially Shaped to Feel Good in Your Hands.
  • Sturdy and Secure: This Kettlebell Grip is Made of Solid, Durable Metal. The Screw-in Clamp Fastens Tightly to the Heaviest Plates for a Secure Hold. You Can Feel Confident in Its Safety.
  • Get Results: Maximize the Muscle-building Benefit of Each Move and Start Seeing the Results You Want Sooner

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