Eco-Baby Universal Replacement Keys for Magnetic Cabinet Locks - 3 Keys

Size: 3 Keys Only
Color: White


  • UNIVERSAL MAGNETIC KEYS: Pack of 3 replacement keys for magnetic cabinet locks. Includes 3 magnetic keys and 3 key holders with adhesive backings. Great for replacing lost magnetic cabinet keys
  • COMPATIBLE WITH ALL MAJOR BRANDS OF CABINET LOCKS: Up to 2 inches. Use these keys to replace lost or broken keys from other childproof cabinet locks. They work easily with your existing installed child safety locks for cabinets & drawers.
  • EASY TO USE: Touch the magnet to the surface of the cabinet to disengage the lock.
  • KEYS ONLY: Locks sold separately.
  • KEEP EXTRA KEYS AROUND THE HOUSE: Never worry about misplacing your magnetic cabinet lock keys again. Get them before you need them.
  • 3 MAGNET KEYS: For Baby Magnetic Cabinet Locks & 3 Magnetic Key Holders Included.

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