Running Belts

Size: One Size Fits All
Color: Gray


Product Description Keep Everything within Reach When you’re out and about, it’s a hassle trying to keep everything organized and at hand. Our waist pack has pockets for your phone, keys, cards, and gum. You can even enjoy some tunes during your routine with our headphone hole. If you want, our belt is slim enough to fit underneath a shirt. This comes in handy when you want to keep your valuables hidden from prying eyes. Our universal fit accommodates the largest phone models, and our adjustable strap with stretch material adjusts to fit almost every waist size.
  • Universal smartphone fit
  • Headphone hole
  • Hides easily under shirt
  • No bouncing, no chafing
The E-Tronic Running Belt is designed to keep your accessories safe and secure no matter what comes your way. Are you tired of not having pockets that will fit your phone? Have you ever worried about getting your phone wet or scratched during physical activity? Have you ever wanted to be more visible while exercising at night? Our belt can solve all these problems. Here’s How We Keep you Ready to Run:
  • Water resistant phone pouch
  • Reflective strip for visibility
  • No-bounce fit
  • Adjustable buckle ad strap
With our waistband, you won’t have to pull this belt over your head and squeeze into it to put it on. Our's is easy, just clip the adjustable buckle around your waist and you’re ready to go!

Use for More Than Just Running and Exercising

[ MAXIMUM COMFORT ] Introducing the Sport-Fit running belt, the first of its kind bringing comfort to your workout using a lightweight but yet durable material. Don't waste your time with other waist packs and their five or six different sizes that result in you sending the wrong size back and awaiting the replacement. Our new Sport-Fit running belt is a one size fits all waist belt, providing a perfect fit for your body while you exercise as if its not even there.

  • [ FITS ALL PHONES ] After hearing the outcry of many Amazon customers struggling to find a belt for exercising that will carry their phone no matter style, we put our pens to the drawing board and designed a running waist belt made of a soft material that allows for plus sized phones to fit perfectly but yet still provide a safe place for smaller models. We have tested the largest models from Apple, Samsung, and many other brands to make sure that you wont be returning this belt.
  • [ HEADPHONE CORD COMPATIBLE ] - Have you ever had your headphones stop working because of the lack of room in a poorly designed exercise belt? We have gone over and above to solve this issue with our design. Keep your cords from breaking or fraying with our new and improved design headphone hole for running. Much like head bands and sweatbands, the material is made to stretch so that it provides more usability and comfort.
  • [ HIGH QUALITY ZIPPER ] Be very careful when buying fanny packs on Amazon, one common denominator we've seen is poorly crafted zippers. When your zipper breaks it renders the belt useless and you might as well just throw it away. Along with dependable and rip-proof stitching, the Sport-Fit belt for running has you covered, offering a strong and durable zipper. Keep your phone protected and in place at all times while exercising!
  • [ STOP GAMBLING ] Don't wait until the product arrives to realize it doesn't fit. Since the Sport-Fit has an adjustable strap and is made out of flexible yet durable neoprene, it can fit a 22" waist all the way to a 46" waist. On top of that, the pocket in the waist belt is flexible enough to hold plus sized phones while being able to hold smaller phones securely as well. Plus! Our new key security system offers a clip and pocket to hold them safely while on your run.

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