Gentap 4 Mid-Size Cooler Freeze Packs

Material type: Plastic
Size: Mid-Size
Color: Silver


Colder, Faster, Longer

Cooler Shock Premium Ice Packs (Medium)

An ice alternative that far outperforms ice, Cooler Shock reusable ice packs are designed to provide extended cooling at 18 degrees F that can last up to 48 hours.

Great for camping, picnics, boating, fishing, tailgating, and any perishable transport (both personal and commercial), Cooler Shock ice packs turn warm drinks ice cold in the cooler and your sandwiches won't turn soggy from melting ice. Just return Cooler Shock to your freezer and they'll be ready for the next outing.

DIY Reusable Bags — Just Add Water Once

Cooler Shock ice packs are shipped dry with a proprietary cooling gel mixture inside that turns into a solid block when frozen. Just add water at home, shake, and seal to create reusable ice packs that can be used over and over.

Choose from two closure types:

  • Screw cap (with cork and included funnel for filling).
  • Zipper version that's sealed permanently shut with an iron.
Thin, Durable Construction

Cooler Shock's flexible, multi-layer bags are made with aluminum and polyethylene to keep the contents secure and reinforced with thin nylon to help strengthen the pack.

Measuring about one-fifth the thickness of rigid ice packs, Cooler Shock's thin walls (8 mils, or about 0.2 mm) both freeze more quickly and transfer chill in a cooler more effectively.



Key Features & Specs



  • Medium size ice pack — 10 x 10 inches
  • 2 medium packs replace 6 pounds of ice
  • Shipped with dry gel mixture — add water and seal at home
  • Screw cap closure with cork and included funnel
  • Each pack requires 28 ounces of water (3.5 cups)

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Cooler Shock Ice Alternative Outperforms Ice



Superior Cooling

Cooler Shock's proprietary cooling gel mixture is more dense than ice and uses a scientific phase change formulation, providing a higher energy concentration for sustained cooling at 18 degrees F (read more below).


Longest Lasting

When paired with a high quality cooler, Cooler Shock ice packs will keep your food and drink chilled longer — up to 48 hours for Large and Medium packs, and up to 8 hours for Lunch packs.


Reuse Over and Over

Return Cooler Shock ice packs to the freezer after using and they'll be ready for your next outing.


Affordable & Convenient

Cooler Shock ice packs will pay for themselves in just a couple outings (compared to the cost of 10 to 20 pounds of ice) — and no extra trip to the store.

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Large Cooler Shock Medium Cooler Shock Lunch Bag Cooler Shock Cooler Shock Hard Packs
Package Type Soft pack, flexible Soft pack, flexible Soft pack, flexible Hard pack, ultra-durable
Size 10 x 14 inches 10 x 10 inches 6.75 x 7.75 inches 10 x 13 inches
Quantity Three packs Four packs Five packs Two or three hard packs
DIY — Add Water Once to Dry Gel Mixture
Screw Cap Closure
Zip and Iron Seal
USA Manufactured



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Cooler Shock vs. Regular Water

Ice starts out at freezer temperature and will warm fairly quickly to its melting point (32 degrees F). Once at melting point, the ice will stay at the same temperature during the whole process of melting. After fully melting, the liquid starts to warm normally again.

Cooler Shock ice packs also start out at freezer temperature, and will warm pretty quickly, but it's melting point is at a much lower temperature — 18 degrees F. During the whole process of melting, Cooler Shock stays at this lower temperature.

When the gel liquid inside Cooler Shock packs warms up, it's starting from that colder melting point — enabling Cooler Shock packs to stays much cooler, much longer compared with the same amount of regular ice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Do I need to refill the packs?No, you do not need to refill your Cooler Shock packs. Once they are sealed, they should not be opened or emptied.
  • Can I use my Cooler Shock packs in the refrigerator?Cooler Shock packs are expertly designed to provide the best cooling energy when frozen. Refrigerators simply do not get cold enough to activate the phase change science Cooler Shock utilizes.
  • What is the difference between the zipper packs and the screw cap packs?Essentially, nothing. The packs contain the same ingredients. The only difference is how you fill and seal the packs at home. The zipper packs require an iron to seal, whereas the screw cap packs use a funnel and cork (provided) to create a leak-proof seal.
  • How long should Cooler Shock packs be frozen before use?We recommend 48 hours for large packs, 24 hours for mid-size packs, and 12 hours for lunch-size packs for best results.
  • Better than Ice - 2 lb. mid-size gel pack makes items in cooler slushy cold Only Cooler Shock is 18° F so packs last 24-48 hrs.
  • Non-hazardous food safe - made in the USA since 2013 (not a China chemical copy) Accelerates cooling with burst cooling at 18 degrees - 8 mil thick flexible 3-layer purpose-built pack rapidly transfers energy – Fully reusable
  • Reusable - Click the blue "CoolerShock" at top of this page to see all versions - Coldest pack available
  • Ships with CS dry mix, you hydrate and save. 2lbs gelled - simple instructions or see our website video Made in USA with Non-toxic ingredients, child safe. Lasts up to 48 hours depending on use
  • Great reviews, tell me about the bad reviews. What if I’m not happy? What about warranty? We are easy to reach, contact us with any issues and we will ship you a replacement at no charge. Located in Phoenix, AZ - NOTE:Our latest screw cap does not have a bottom rim, it has ridges. The cork is the primary seal

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