Brush Hero Pro Water Powered Wheel Brush For Cleaning

Color: Brush Hero Pro
Package quantity: 1


  • MADE IN THE USA - There are many counterfeits, posing directly as Brush Hero brand. Fakes will not have Brush Hero stamped on the bezel and WILL NOT WORK PROPERLY. Box should NOT say Made in China anywhere.
  • BEST WHEEL BRUSH EVER - Cuts through brake dust and road muck with ease.
  • ERGONOMIC SOFT RUBBER COMFORT GRIP WITH ON/OFF SWITCH- provides the reach necessary to get into tight spaces while protecting the hand and knuckles
  • TWO INTERCHANGEABLE BRUSHES - Soft black brush for sensitive surfaces, tough white brush for serious muck.
  • JUST ADD WATER - No batteries or electricity required, the Brush Hero connects to any garden hose and is powered by water pressure alone.

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