bonVIVO TEMPA Tea Infuser

Material type: copper, glass
Size: Tempa


  • ✔ FOR TEA CONNOISSEURS: Tea brewer enthusiasts will love the bonVIVO TEMPA tea infuser. This glass teapot does not require tea bags or paper filters. With the help of a built in stainless steel strainer, you can brew your tea in this glass tea maker in no time at all. A wide variety of teas can be prepared without great effort pour over kettle type teapot both in winter and in summer.
  • ✔ ADVANTAGES: This teapot features a built in, easily removable stainless steel filter. The loose leaf tea stays in contact with water for a longer period of time in this tea maker machine thus allowing an unprecedented aroma to develop for any herbal tea.
  • ✔ QUALITY & DESIGN: The copper-look tea infuser comes in a modern round design. The loose leaf tea maker is made of heat resistant borosilicate glass and comes with a handle that protects you from burning yourself. The tea kettle comes with a glass pot; borosilicate glass is tasteless and bpa-free, so that the taste of the tea is not affected and no harmful substances can get into the tea steeper.
  • ✔ BONVIVO QUALITY: We understand and appreciate the importance of good tea, either in your routine, or to escape from it. We are pleased and excited to provide you with astonishing tea infusers that are not only high-end with German QC, but also understands that "quality" is carried in the stainless steel and in loose leaf tea infuser. That's why we use the best products to produce each of our beautiful tea infusers for loose tea to ensure that every look and drop, pleases your tastes.
  • ✔ INCLUDED IN THE PACKAGE AND CLEANING: All of our TEMPA glass teapots with infuser come with the following items: 1x borosilicate glass teapot, 1x copper-finish lid, 1x easily removable stainless steel tea strainer. Both the teapot and the stainless steel filter are easily hand-washed.

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