bonmedico Kubo, Elastic Elbow Brace

Color: Gray


  • ✔ APPLICATION: The Kubo flexible elastic elbow brace is the ideal companion for sports or everyday activities. Especially after injury, the elbow brace provides active support to relieve pain and prevent re-injury. Compression and support can be customized for use while running track; playing on the football field; soccer pitch; in the tennis, squash, basketball, or badminton court; out on the golf course; or in the gym for added protection against injury and inflammation.
  • ✔ ELBOW PROTECTION: The Bonmedico Kubo elbow brace stabilizes and protects the elbow with variable compression that can be customized for optimal support without restricting freedom of movement. A proven treatment for tennis elbow or golf elbow, or arthritis or tendonitis pain, the Kubo elbow brace provides active support for effective relief of elbow pain and prevention of injury. Also, suitable as elbow brace for tendonitis.
  • ✔ COMFORTABLE: Putting on and adjusting the Kubo elbow brace is easy. Micro-hook-and-loop Velcro fasteners and flexible elastic are easily adjusted for a secure and comfortable fit. Suitable for both men and women, the Kubo elbow brace may be worn on the right or left arm and fits discreetly under clothes for everyday active elbow support.
  • ✔ HYGIENE: The Kubo elbow brace by Bonmedico is made of a breathable and absorbent material that wicks moisture away from skin and dries very quickly. Working up a sweat during sports, CrossFit, or other physical fitness training won’t cause the brace to slip. Kubo is easily cleaned by hand-washing in cold water with mild soap.
  • ✔ DIMENSIONS: Please measure your elbow before ordering. Minimum / Maximum size: 8-½ in / 14-½ in. Length: 10-½ in Width: 3-⅓ in

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