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We at bonmedico have set ourselves the task of actively increasing your individual well-being and quality of life.

Our Company provides versatile, orthopedic support, with ergonomic designs to promote a healthier lifestyle. Designed to provide relief for chronic pain and prevent further injuries, each product is easy to use yet sturdy enough to last for years.

Orthopedic Donut Hemorrhoid Pillow

The ideal treatment for hemorrhoids, the bonmedico XL Orthopedic Hemorrhoid Pillow donut cushion gently

- lifts and
- supports the spine,

leaving room for the tailbone while seated and promoting healthy posture by naturally aligning the spine and relieving pressure on the lower back.

Blood circulation is improved by reducing pressure on the underside of the thigh, for example, from the hard edges of chairs, sofas or other furniture.
The donut pillow’s pressure relief combined with cooling gel layer provides superior comfort compared with other pillows, and is particularly suitable for reduction of pain from irritation of the sciatic nerve and pressure sores.

The bonmedico XL Orthopedic Hemorrhoid pillow is portable and versatile. It’s especially well-suited for seating support in

- wheelchair,
- office, or
- dining chairs, as well as for seats
- on auto,
- rail, and
- air travel.

The cushion has a removable zippered mesh cover which is machine washable at 86°F. The seat cushion is delivered in a handy carrying case.

  • ✔ FIRM PAIN RELIEVING: This donut cushion helps to relieve pain in the spine and buttocks by shifting the tailbone when sitting and reducing pressure on the pelvis. With its orthopedic firmness the orthopedic seat cushion offers exceptional lumbar support for the treatment of hemorrhoids, coccyx injury, sciatica and pressure sores.
  • ✔ HIGH-TECH: The donut sitting pillow for office chair is an innovative gel / memory foam hybrid. Its ergonomic design features a contoured compact viscoelastic memory foam core with a cooling gel layer on top. Due to the compacted foam mixture and the recess in the centre, the painful area is prevented from touching the seat.
  • ✔ COMFORTABLE EVEN AFTER SURGERY: The gel and memory foam butt pillow offers an ideal mixture of maximum sitting comfort and orthopedic firmness. The underside doughnut cushion is made of a non-slip material that ensures the ergonomic seat cushion pad stays in place and will not shift or slide on any surface and can also be used as bbl pillow after surgery.
  • ✔ VERSATILE: The medical donut can be used anywhere: It is suitable as an ergonomic chair cushion at home, home office, computer chair cushion, office chair cushion, car seat cushion or wheelchair cushion. The orthopedic donut cushion is perfect for women and men and offers high seat comfort. It can also be used as a coccyx cushion when travelling by train or plane.
  • ✔ HYGIENIC AND SIZE: The donut shaped pillow comes with a cover that is machine washable at 86°F. This makes the donut tailbone cushion very convenient. All materials used for our donut pillow for hemorrhoids are non-toxic. The hemmoroid treatment pillow in standard size measures 18.1x13x3.15 in and is recommended for a weight up to 297 lbs.

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