Cooler Shock 3 Pack Large 18°F Cooler Freeze Packs 10"x14"

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Material type: Plastic
Size: 14 Zipper Seal
Color: Silver
$21.99 $29.99


  • 3 PACK - Zip and Iron seal – Colder than ice at 18 ℉ (- 8 ℃) Extra-large gel pack makes item slushy cold. Coldest and longest lasting, guaranteed. - Available in screw cap style, smaller mid-size packs or lunch packs. Click "CoolerShock" at top of page to see all models - USA made, USA phone support
  • 3 REUSABLE COOLER ICE PACKS REPLACES 18 POUNDS OF ICE, no dirty water in your cooler! Non-hazardous, child safe. Lasts up to 48 hours - Voted #1 in 2017 Wiki EzVid Ice Pack competition!
  • NEW IMPROVED FOR 2018 – Nylon reinforced packs now 50% stronger and more durable, capable of 100’s of freeze – thaw cycles. Shipped with Cooler Shock dry Formula - you add water (once) and save money. Simply add water, zip it closed and seal with an iron.
  • 18 ℉ (- 8 ℃) COOLER SHOCK KEY IS BURST COOLING Cooler Shock cooler ice packs actually accelerates cooling! – 8 mil thick flexible 3 layer foil & nylon pack – Detailed Cooler use guide right on back of pack
  • 500,000 + SOLD ON AMAZON - 1 year 100% money back guarantee and fast service. Simply contact our service team and we will gladly send you new packs. We are easy to reach by phone, email or chat. We stand behind our product. Details on our website at

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