Zabba is a family of brands entirely owned and operated by Thrasio. We created The Zabba Stamp to identify the world’s best products and take the anxiety out of online shopping.

Think of Zabba like a beacon of trust -- guiding your online search for the best products on Amazon and across the web at great prices.

Quality products you can depend on are the name of the game. At Zabba, we only sell products we happily use ourselves. From the moment we add the Zabba stamp, we guarantee those products are made with the best materials, supported by our all-star customer service team, and that going forward—every single review is written by a real customer. 

The frog’s handprint in our logo symbolizes Zabba’s mission to be synonymous with quality and trust. We’re inspired by the hundreds of frog species in the Amazon rainforest. In this lush ecosystem, only true experts can identify which frogs are harmless and which are deadly. The Zabba Stamp marks products safe. See our logo and know you’re looking at a great product. 

We know shopping online can be overwhelming. There are so many products to choose from, it’s hard to determine which ones will meet your needs. You shouldn’t have to be an expert to find the best products. Let Zabba be your guide. 

We cut through the clutter online to bring you the best products for your home, office, travel, and beyond!