Coffee Gator Pour Over Kettle - With Gooseneck Spout and Thermometer

Material type: Premium Stainless steel
Size: 34 oz
Color: Stainless Steel


Product Description

Drink Better Coffee

Bring the coffee house home

The Coffee Gator mission is more smiles per cup. We think that being able to drink incredible, barista-quality coffee at home is a basic human right. That’s why we’ve poured our hearts and souls into developing products that make doing that an absolute breeze.

We boldly stand up in the face of inferior products, made from flimsy materials, destined to disappoint. We defend you from coffee snobs who say you can’t make decent coffee in your own home.

We plant our flag firmly in the ground, fill our lungs and scream from the highest mountain top that ‘you deserve to drink better coffee!’

One Kettle. Any Stovetop.

The base has a layer of aluminum sandwiched between layers of 304 stainless steel.

The stainless steel prevents rust and protects flavor.

The aluminum means your kettle works a dream on induction or pretty much any stovetop.

  • Induction
  • Electric
  • Gas
  • Ceramic
  • Camping Stove

Coffee so good you won’t want to leave your home

We’ve had (completely unsubstantiated) reports of people making such incredible coffee at home they refuse to leave. “But the best coffee I’ve ever had is there!” wailed a (fictitious but entirely plausible) customer.

Perfect hand drip coffee needs a steady, even flow of water at the right temperature. Too hot: your beans are scorched. Too cold: the flavor is trapped.

A Gator kettle produces a steady, smooth flow and the thermometer unlocks the complex oils, flavors and aromas.

  • Max Capacity: 34 floz
  • Height: 5.2"
  • Weight: 16.9 oz

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My life changed when I discovered proper coffee in Colombia

I wanted to recreate it but the tools on offer weren’t good enough. Since then, my mission has been helping everyone Drink Better Coffee.

When everything else is instant, coffee might seem slow

But part of the beauty is the ritual. Get it right & it’s worth the effort. Take a breath, share a brew and discover how amazing coffee can be.

Our job is to make people (and sometimes pets) smile

When we make a mistake we work our hind legs off to put it right. So if you’re anything less than 100% pleased as punch, you won’t be for long.

  • Enjoy exceptional coffee at home. This kettle is the Lamborghini of the coffee world. ‘Won’t it make me look like one of those ridiculous hipsters?’ Nope, you’ll just be drinking better coffee and looking like a pro while you’re making it
  • Engineered in premium-grade stainless steel with a gooseneck spout for steady water flow (essential for hand drip perfection). It’s the first kettle with a unique triple-layer base so it works on all stovetops and stays rust-free and safe for decades
  • Burnt coffee makes everyone sad. When water is too hot it scorches your precious beans. Too cold and you’ll never reach the full flavor potential. The built-in temperature gauge eliminates guesswork and disappointment and delivers more smiles per cup
  • Drink better coffee. Unlike the competition, we never compromise on quality, service or your happiness. Inferior kettles leak rust into your water over time - ours could outlive your kitchen. The search for coffee that makes you smile ends here
  • Complete Peace of Mind - Thousands of customers trust us to deliver on quality and service. Our 100% satisfaction promise means we’re devoted to delivering maximum joy. Whether it’s a refund or just some friendly assistance we’re always there to help

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