bonVIVO Fomo Glass Milk Frother

Color: Copper
Package quantity: 1


Milk froth is an art that you can easily achieve with the milk frother Fomo from bonVIVO. The hand-held milk frother is very easy to use, so you can prepare creamy milk froth for your next cappuccino, latte macchiato or cocoa in no time at all. The milk frother is also visually appealing. It is made of heat-resistant and taste-neutral glass as well as stainless steel and fits in any kitchen with its timeless classic design. The lid has a modern copper look and a deep rim that prevents milk from splashing out when frothing. The black rubber band provides a secure grip and protects against burns when the milk is slightly hotter.

  • ✔ FOR MILK LOVERS: The bonVIVO Fomo milk frother is the dream coffee frother for all coffee and milk lovers. The handheld milk frother is easy and intuitive to use. Easily create light and creamy milk foam for delicious latte macchiatos and cappuccinos. You can also use the milk foamer to make hot chocolate or just enjoy plain frothy milk!
  • ✔ QUALITY: Fomo is a stainless-steel milk frother with a heat resistant glass jug. The glass container is covered with a black rubber band that ensures that you can get a good grip on it and, at the same time, protects you from burns. A double fine mesh sieve guarantees perfect milk foam every time you use the machine and the deep-edged cover guards from splashes.
  • ✔ DESIGN: The hot milk frother isn't just extremely practical, it is also aesthetically pleasing. Timeless classical design makes this copper finish milk frother a beautiful addition to your kitchen whatever your decor style may be. The cappuccino milk frother is fashioned out of glass and stainless steel with a trendy copper finish cover. The black rubber band can be removed and washed separately.
  • ✔ HOW TO USE: The milk foamer is handheld. Just add warm milk to the milk foamer jug container up to the maximum fill level and pump the milk frother plunger up and down until the milk is frothy. Do not put the glass jug in the microwave as the glass may shatter. The stainless steel milk frother can easily be washed in the dishwasher.
  • ✔ PRODUCT DETAILS: The coffee milk frother comprises a glass jug, a fine mesh sieve with a splash guard cover and a removable rubber band that ensures a good grip and protects from burns. The bonVIVO Fomo manual milk foamer can hold 13.5 oz.. It is packed safely for delivery.

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