bonmedico Flat Ergonomic Neck Pillow

Material type: Cotton
Package quantity: 1


Back pain is often caused by incorrect posture in the workplace, where repetitive movements frequently lead to tension and pain in the back area. The orthopaedic neck cushion from Bonmedico is specially designed to improve back support and help you achieve a more ergonomically correct, comfortable posture to relieve pain in the head, neck and shoulders. The Bonmedico orthopaedic travel neck pillow was developed especially for office, home and travel use to help prevent and relieve symptoms of muscle tension and pain in the neck and shoulders while seated at a desk, travelling on a train, sleeping on airplane, sitting on the sofa, or driving in cars. The applications are versatile. It is particularly suitable as a neck support for the office chair, neck pillow for travelling in cars, planes or trains, or just watching TV on the sofa. The soft fabric cushion cover can be washed at 30 °. All materials are non-toxic. The cushion comes in a convenient carrying case to take with you wherever you go and makes a great gift.

  • ✔ MULTI-PURPOSE: For a nap on a long-haul flight, a long day at the office, travelling in cars, watching TV at home, or even during recovery from plastic surgery on the face, the Bonmedico orthopaedic neck cushion supports the head and neck to provide immediate and lasting relief of head, neck and shoulder pain wherever you go.
  • ✔ ANALGAESIC: The neck pillow stabilizes the cervical vertebrae and thus promotes an ergonomically correct head and shoulder posture. Specially designed to comfortably support the head and neck at work and during travel to effectively relieve pain in the head, neck and shoulders.
  • ✔ HIGH-TECH: The crescent-shaped cushion consists of a cooling gel layer and soft viscoelastic memory foam blend that adapts perfectly to the anatomy of your neck, preventing unhealthy and painful posture while sitting and returning to its original shape between uses. Product dimensions are: 11 x 12-½ x 4 in.
  • ✔ CONVENIENT: The neck pillow comes in a handy carrying case to take with you wherever you go and has a breathable zippered cotton cover, which can be removed for washing.
  • ✔ HYGIENIC: The soft fabric pillowcase is machine washable at 30°. All materials are non-toxic

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