Zabba’s Guide to Gifts for Everyone

It’s your coworkers, your Secret Santas, your in-laws, your second-favorite sister, your middle child—some people are just super hard to shop for! And that makes you want to impress them even more.

Not to worry, Zabba specializes in unique, quality items in every category. This list has something for everyone and every price.


Merry & Bright

Luminoodle Light Rope

Bring a little sparkle to the festivities with the Luminoodle light rope. This 5-foot USB powered LED light that is as adaptable as you are creative. It can be strung along a patio or coiled in a bag to use as a lantern. Explore the customer reviews for more creative ideas on how to use the Luminoodle. Take it on bike rides, camping trips, under the hood for car repairs, and on photoshoots. Great for Tik-Tokers and Instagrammers. 

4.5 stars and over 1,600 ratings.


Circadian OpticsGive the gift of sunshine on cloudy days. The Lampu Light by Circadian Optics produces a pure white light that mimics the noonday sun. Due to the lack of sun and being stuck indoors during the winter months, many people suffer from seasonal depression. Luckily, light therapy can help beat the winter blues by providing light essential to human health and well-being without the UV rays. Light therapy can help regulate sleep, fight fatigue, boost focus, and stabilize moods. 

Featured on Shark Tank, Circadian Optics therapy lights are just a beautiful as they are useful—making them the perfect gift for just about everybody.

4.6 stars, 599 ratings, and currently holds the Amazon’s Choice Badge.


Chalktasstic BannerBrighten up someone’s day with this set of 8 vibrant neon-colored markers. Great for chalkboards, glass, mirrors, or any other non-porous surface. The reversible round and chiseled tips make these markers versatile, no matter the project.

4.5 stars and over 5,000 ratings.


Creative Space Boxwood Panels Banner

Does someone you know need a sophisticated background for working or learning from home? These Boxwood panels created for event decor, statement walls, and photo booths are as gorgeous as they are versatile. To see them in action - just look at the wall behind Mike in Zabba videos like this.

4.7 stars, 178 ratings, and currently holds the Amazon’s Choice Badge.


Resolution Solutions

Vybe Percussion Massage Gun

Everyone could use a good deep tissue massage—especially if they’ve been hitting the gym a lot. These percussion massage guns provide the same tension relief and recovery as massages, but, unlike massages, the Vybe can be used every day.  

All four of the Vybe Percussion Massage models can be used to treat sore muscles, tired joints, and chronic pain. Each model offers different sets of individual precision massage heads and levels of intensity.

Vybe Percussion Massage Guns Average 4.5 stars and have over 4,000 ratings combined. Learn more about Vybe on our blog, What’s Your Vybe?


The Simple Elephant Planner by PapercodeThe perfect gift to welcome the New Year. The Simple Elephant Planner by Papercode featuring both a mind map and a vision board—setting the stage for goal-oriented planning and strategic thinking. The ultra-soft leatherette cover comes in 4 colors. And it's undated, so your giftee can start their new chapter anytime.

4.5 stars and over 2,000 ratings.

Fun & Games

Hookey Banner

Around the holidays, there’s always time for a little healthy competition. A game as unique as Hookey is bound to be a hit. It’s a simple ring-toss style game with bits of horseshoes and darts. Easy to set up and fun for all ages. 

Pro Tip: order one for yourself ahead of time and practice to get a leg-up on the competition.

4.6 stars, over 1,800 ratings, and currently holds the Amazon’s Choice Badge.


Eliminati Banner

Great gifty bathroom spray for the person in your life with a sense of humor. The orange citrus scent eliminates bathroom odors without leaving behind the tell-tale pungent floral smell from most air fresheners. The label has a mysterious style with symbols reminiscent of the Illuminati and a fun conspiracy origin story on the back, making it perfectly giftable for bathroom reading. Remember? From life before phones? 

Because it’s made from orange oil, it works as a natural disinfectant too. Use it on trash cans, cars, and shoes also. Eliminati makes the perfect stocking stuffer, gag gift, or introductory product to the amazing Angry Orange brand

4.4 stars and 279 ratings.


Frothy Banner This battery-operated milk frother is an excellent treat for any java junkie. Whip up a perfect coffee topper with milk (or milk alternative) in just 15 seconds. The Frothy is stainless steel for lasting durability, has two speeds, so you don't make a mess, and is compact so it fits easily in a drawer. Use it to make egg nog and hot chocolate too. Try it with the newest trend - whipped coffee.

4.6 stars and over 2,000 ratings.


TrailBuddy Trekking Poles

    Inspire an adventure. Trekking Poles help people get some sunshine and explore the great outdoors while keeping their balance and protecting their knees and back. TrailBuddy Trekking poles are adjustable to any height and feature premium cork handles for a comfortable grip in any weather. They come in 8 colors so that you can buy them in someone’s favorite.

    4.8 stars, over 14,00 ratings, and currently holds the Amazon’s Choice Badge.


    Practically Perfect

    Brush Hero BannerBrush Hero is a must-have for the person on your list who loves gadgets. Simply attach the brush hero to any ordinary water hose, and this water-powered brush blasts away grime and muck from the wheels of cars and bikes with ease.

    4.1 stars and 675 ratings.


    ThisWorx Banner

     Everyone loves a clean car. Make it super easy with this vacuum designed especially for cars and SUVs. It plugs right into the 12V outlet and comes with three attachments to get into every nook and cranny. Great for rideshare drivers, commuters, and new drivers too. 

    4.1 stars and over 30,000 ratings, and currently holds Amazon’s Best Seller Badge.


    Guardline Banner

    Guardline’s dependable wireless alarm system secures driveways and other property by detecting motion from up to 40 feet away. No invasive wiring or monthly contracts needed. Simply install and connect via wifi or phone. Connect up to 16 sensors to your receiver for full-spectrum security.

    4.3 stars, 2,900+ ratings, and currently holds the Amazon’s Choice Badge.


    Tweezer Guru Banner

    People don’t often admit it, but they do love the practical stocking stuffers they get each year. And with 2020 putting a damper on waxes, facials, and other indulgences, this set of 4 precision tweezers just might be the perfect gift. 

    4.6 stars, over 4,900 ratings, and currently holds the Amazon’s Choice Badge


    Anti Fatigue Comfort Floor Mat by Sky Solutions

    Sky Solutions Anti Fatigue Mats are essential for holiday baking marathons.  The cushy surface protects feet and lower backs while the anti-curl beveled edge keeps it looking new all year round. Great for kitchens, workspaces, and more.

    4.7 stars and over 12,000 ratings.

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