What's Your Vybe?

Athletes, physical therapists, and chiropractors are raving about the benefits of percussion massage. This therapeutic technique works by rapidly hitting, or percussing, muscles. Much like the “karate chops” of a Swedish massage (actually called “tapotement” — who knew?), this is intended to increase blood flow and apply acute pressure to sore muscles. Massage gun users swear by the benefits. Saying the therapy provides relief from chronic joint pain, carpal tunnel, plantar fasciitis, and everyday muscle tension


Vybe percussion massage guns are Zabba Approved. With an average of 4.5 stars and thousands of reviews between them, Vybe has built their business on quality products that get results. Each of the 4 models varies slightly in intensity, attachment heads, and price. 


Let’s break them down, and find the one that’s right for you


Vybe V2 - 4.4 stars & 1,350+ ratings  

This is the most basic model. It’s also the least expensive ($125). Anyone looking for a powerful deep tissue massage and muscle relief can find what they’re looking for here. But it does operate a little loud (about the volume of an alarm clock), and only features 4 attachment heads. The 90º rotating arm allows you to massage your shoulders and other touch spots by yourself. If you’re someone in need of real muscle relief any way you can get it (like a weightlifter or a competitive athlete) and aren’t worried about turning a few heads at the gym — this could be the match for you.

Show the lactic acid who's boss for $125.00.


Vybe Pro - 4.7 stars & 600+ ratings

This model has a slightly milder percussion force that the V2, but it’s much quieter. It comes with 5 attachments, and operates at 9 different speeds. What you lose in power, you make up for in customizability. It has a sleek design, and really looks the part of the high tech recovery product that it is

Pro Football Legend, Tiki Barber, loves his Vybe Pro [embed video]

Get yours for just $197.97.

Vybe Premium - 4.5 stars & 130+ ratings

This is both the gentlest and the quietest Vybe model. The Vybe Premium isn’t a deep tissue knot buster as much as it is a relaxation tool. Use it to enhance your yoga practice or bedtime routine. It’s gorgeously designed, so you’ll want to take it everywhere you go. Keep your Vybe Premium in your desk drawer at the office to soothe your back and shoulders midday.

Release the weight of the world from your shoulders for just $232.99.


Vybe-X - 4.1 stars & 70+ ratings

The Vybe-X combines the power and reach of the V2, but adds the ultra-quiet motor and specialized massage heads of the other models. It’s the most versatile percussion massage gun. Vybe-X runs on 5 speeds, comes with 7 attachments, and can push up to 60 lbs of percussive pressure to relieve tight muscles and knots. If you’re looking for a massager that can take you from beast mode to beddy bye, this is the massage tool for you

US Soccer Champion, Brandi Chastain, loves her Vybe-X [embed video]

Catch this Vybe for $299.99.



It doesn’t matter how you Vybe

No matter which one you go with, you’re going to love feeling better through greater flexibility and improved mobility. The Vybe brand is Zabba Approved because every single Vybe product delivers on quality, durability, and customer satisfaction.

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