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Welcome to Zabba, the site that helps you find reliable products for everyday needs. Think of us as your deal obsessed friend who always knows about the best brands and deals for everything from at-home exercise equipment to cushy cozy pillows. Everything we feature is something we use at our own homes, in our cars, and with our kids and pets.


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Zabba is a family of brands entirely owned and operated by Thrasio. We created Zabba to showcase the world’s best products. Our commitment to producing quality brands makes Zabba products among the most trusted brands online. 

From the moment Zabba takes over a business, we guarantee those products are made with the best materials, supported by our all-star customer service team, and that going forward—every single review is written by a real customer.

Along with quality, price is paramount to us, so we offer the best possible value, and extend big discounts. 


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