Our Guide to Gifts for Him

Our fathers, sons, husbands, brothers, and boyfriends deserve having more thought put into their gifts than the unsurprising pack of underwear or polo shirt. But each holiday season rings in the age-old question: what the heck does he want? 

Not to worry, Zabba’s got you covered on gifts for everyone and every budget. 

Power Practical Sparkr Insert for Classic Flip Top Lighter Case

A quality lighter is always a classic gift, but Power Practical’s electric plasma version adds a remarkable modern twist. This high tech electric lighter works by creating dual plasma arc beams rather than a liquid-fueled flame. Spakr makes lighting super easy, even in windy or wet conditions. It recharges via USB—no flint or fluid needed. It fits into most classic flip-top cases bringing together keepsakes and modern technology. 

4.2 stars, 570+ ratings, and currently holds the Amazon’s Choice Badge.

Brush Hero

Brush Hero is a must-have for the guy on your list who loves gadgets. Simply attach the brush hero to any ordinary water hose, and this water-powered brush blasts away grime and muck from the wheels of cars and bikes with ease. 

4.1 stars and 675 ratings.


Finally, a bathroom spray for men. The orange citrus scent eliminates bathroom odors without the feminine floral scent from most air fresheners. The label has a mysterious style with symbols reminiscent of the Illuminati and a fun conspiracy origin story on the back, making it perfectly giftable for bathroom reading since he usually spends so much time in there anyway.

Because Angry Orange products are made from orange oil, they work as a natural disinfectant too. Use it on trash cans, cars, and shoes also. Eliminati makes the perfect stocking stuffer, gag gift, or introductory product to the amazing Angry Orange brand

4.4 stars and 279 ratings.

Elite Sportz Shoe Deodorizer & Foot Spray

Speaking of odors...this Elite Sportz Spray is more than just a foot and shoe deodorizer. It’s also a moisturizer that repairs the skin on dry or cracked feet, controlling odors by making feet healthier through natural ingredients. Elite Sportz Foot Spray is formulated from 7 pure essential oils and 11 botanical herbs. Use it on shoes, socks, workout gear, and directly on feet. For more giftable workout gear and activities, check out the Elite Sportz Store.

4.4 stars and over 4,000 ratings.


Add this to the list of things you’d never thought you’d live to see: a stylish bug trap. This high-tech looking bug trap lures gnats, fruit flies, and mosquitos in with the UV light, sucks them down, and sticks them to a glue pad—all while blending in with your kitchen decor. Katchy is more than just practical; imagine the joy it brings to families as they get to count overall kills and post #katchykills online.

4.1 stars, over 3,600 ratings, and currently holds the Amazon’s Choice Badge.

P.I. Store’s Digital Air Compressor

Every driver needs a portable air compressor to keep them safe on the road. This digital compressor by P.I. Stores plugs right into a 12V receptacle. The built-in pressure gauge has a backlit LCD display with auto shut-off, making it super easy to use without the risk of overfilling a tire. The compressor also includes a super bright LED safety light and a red SOS light for ultimate protection in a roadside emergency. Great for both vehicles and bicycles. 

4.1 stars, over 4,300 ratings, and currently holds the Amazon’s Choice Badge.


The Vybe V2 gives the benefits of a professional massage, without leaving the house or even interacting with another person. It’s great for muscle recovery, joint pain, or just good old fashioned stress relief. 

4.4 stars and over 2,000 ratings.

Beard King

Make shaving and grooming a cinch with the Bear King Shaving Cape. The one size fits all apron fits around the neck and sticks to the mirror with a suction cup creating a canopy from the neck down to catch all the beard trimming. When done shaving, simply carry the apron’s edges while still wearing around the neck and carefully funnel the clippings into the trash can. 

4.5 stars, over 800 ratings, and currently holds the Amazon’s Choice Badge. 

Fedmax Workbench

This Acacia hardwood workbench makes a perfect gift for just about anybody. The industrial yet elegant style works in the garage just as well as it does in a modern kitchen. The adjustable height and an option between levelers or locking caster wheels, make this simple workbench a super versatile surface for artisans, chefs, and everyone in between.

4.5 stars, and over 160 ratings.