Our Guide to Gifts for Her

Thoughtful and unique gifts for moms, daughters, sisters, and office Secret Santas can be hard to come by. You don’t have to settle for a gift card. At Zabba, we’ve got something to make every kind of woman feel special. And every Zabba product is made with the highest quality materials and designed for style and functionality. 

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Cloud Massage Foot Massager

Who doesn’t love a foot rub? There's no better way to end (or start) the day than with an amazing foot and calf massage. Cloud Massage combines air pressure, vibration, heat, and rolling massage to melt the pain away from feet and calves. It’s the perfect gift to make someone feel special.

4.5 stars and over 2,400 ratings. 

Cooling Face Mask by Perfecore

Perfecore’s cooling face mask makes a great stocking stuffer. Cool in the freezer to treat the face after a workout, following a late night, or just before applying makeup. Cooling therapy reduces redness, puffiness (treating the stubborn dark under-eye circles), provides natural headache relief. Pop the mask into the microwave to release muscle tension in the face and open pores before extraction. 

4.2 stars and over 900 ratings. 

VYBE Premium

Ultra-quiet percussion massager with real tension relief. The Vybe Premium uses 30 lbs of pressure at 3200 strokes per minute to release lactic acid buildup. The quietness makes it easy to use at the gym, to wake muscles up in the morning without waking up the house or relax before bed. Better than a spa session, the Vybe Premium can be used daily.

4.6 stars and over 300 ratings.

Wine Decanter by HiCoup

Traditionally, decanters are used to aerate wines and to separate the sediments in many rich reds. Made from lead-free crystal, Hicoup’s decanter is a beautiful addition to any table. The swanlike design can be used as either a decanter or even as an elegant carafe or pitcher for juices, water, or iced tea at the next gathering. The best part about Hicoup’s decanter? It’s dishwasher safe!

4.5 stars and over 900 ratings. 

Coffee Gator Pour Over

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for warm drinks and fresh coffee aromas. Now the luxurious coffee smell can be experienced at home. Pour-over coffee allows more time for the water to bring the flavor out of the coffee grounds - making for a more robust taste. Similar to the smooth taste of cold brew, but with the warmth of a traditional cup of coffee. Check out cold brew makers, espresso makers, French presses, travel mugs, canisters, and more here

4.5 stars and 2,100 ratings. 

Matcha Set by Kiss Me Organics

The traditional cup of matcha is made even better with the authentic bamboo scoop, whisk, and spoon. The scoop portions the perfect amount of matcha powder. The whisk blends the matcha into the water creating a smooth and satisfying crema. The spoon keeps the matcha from settling while the ceremonial tea is being enjoyed. 

Matcha has all sorts of unique health benefits. It’s full of antioxidants, promoting healthy liver, brain, skin, and more. The small amount of caffeine keeps you on your toes without adding to the jitter.

4.5 stars and over 100 ratings.

Gooseneck Electric Kettle by Willow & Everett

The stainless steel kettle by Willow & Everett makes heating water for tea or coffee more convenient than ever. Not only does it boil water in 60 seconds—its five pre-set button options bring water to the perfect temperature for specialized beverages like green tea, air press coffee, french press coffee, and pour-overs respectively. It also features the oh-so-convenient “keep warm” function. This gift keeps on giving when paired with the Coffee Gator Pour-Over set (above), or herbal teas from Kiss Me Organics

Shop more Willow & Everett elegant kitchen including this stainless steel Wok Pan with Lid.

4.6 stars, over 1,400 ratings, and currently holds Amazon’s Choice Badge.

Luminoodle Stick & Click

Ultra-bright, wireless, 3 feet long, this fun and functional gift is the quickest solution to any lighting problem. Great for under cabinet lighting, drawer lighting, pantry, shelves, closets, or anyplace that needs just a little more light. Strip of LED lights powered by AA batteries. It adhere’s to wood, metal, and plastic with ease—no wiring is necessary. 

4.5 stars and over 1,300 ratings.

The Simple Elephant Planner by Papercode

The perfect gift to welcome the New Year. The Simple Elephant Planner by Papercode featuring both a mind map and a vision board—setting the stage for goal-oriented planning and strategic thinking. The ultra-soft leatherette cover comes in 4 colors. And it's undated, so your giftee can start their new chapter anytime.

4.5 stars and over 2,000 ratings.

Drive Auto Trunk Organizer

Drive Auto Garbage Bin

A neat and tidy car is often easier said than done. Fortunately, Drive Auto’s line of organization accessories are great for every driver. The expandable trunk organizer keeps groceries from rolling around in the back of SUVs just as simply as it maximizes the space in the trunks of compact cars. The garbage bin makes a place for wrappers and napkins so they don’t end up on the floorboard. 

Drive Auto’s Trunk Organizer has 4.7 stars and over 15,000 ratings. The Garbage Bin has 4.6 stars and over 6,500 ratings.