How to Work From Home and Stay Awake

Has your kitchen become your conference room? Are you doing loads of laundry on your lunch break? We’re talking about working from home, and for many of you, that’s become the new normal. Covid-19 has disrupted the typical work dynamic for many of us and has forced us to switch up our daily routines. While working from home does offer some perks, it also comes with its fair share of challenges. Read on below to find out some ways to stay alert, energized and organized throughout your new work day. 


So long are the days of distraction free working. You’re most likely not at the office anymore, or at least not full time, and it may be challenging to get through your normal work load. If you no longer have a dedicated desk or office, accomplishing your usual tasks may feel extra daunting.


Here at Zabba, we want to make it easy for you to stay focused and stay motivated. We’ve gathered these Zabba approved products to help you stay away, stay focused and keep hitting those deadlines. 


Coffee Gator Cold Brew Coffee Kit

If you’re anything like us, your day doesn’t start until you’ve had your coffee. It was a part of your work routine before, so why miss out on it now? Brew like a pro at home and get the barista-quality coffee you crave for with the Cold Brew Coffee Kit from Coffee Gator. 


This all in one cold brew kit makes brewing coffee feel like a breeze. No matter how crazy your morning gets, you can always have time for coffee. The coffee stays fresh in the pitcher for weeks, so you don’t even have to make it every day. 


With a price tag of $26.99, it makes for a worthy investment that will save you time and money. The kit has over 1,100 ratings on Amazon and reviewers love it! One reviewer describes it as, “Great for making cold coffee!” Another five star reviewer says, “Absolutely LOVE it!! Never knew coffee could taste so much better than I thought it already did!!” 


Sky Solutions Anti Fatigue Mat

Working from home on a standing desk has its advantages, but it’s not as easy as it looks. To work more efficiently and comfortably, a supportive desk mat is a must.


The anti fatigue mat is made of sky core foam, so it feels soft to the touch but provides noticeable support to keep you balanced. Standing for long durations can take its toll on your body, so you’ll want to be careful not to put too much pressure on your joints and spine. The mat can also be used in the kitchen, providing continuous support while you cook or wash the dishes. And even with spills and splashes, the mat will remain locked in place and won’t cause slipping.  


The mat retails for only $39.99 and is so easy to clean; simply wipe down with soap and water and it will be looking like new.  The mat also comes in a variety of colors, so it will match any room and decor. A five star reviewer describes it as, “pretty and comfortable.” She adds on, “This is a lovely gel mat. I love the texture, it's easy to clean and very comfortable.” Another shopper who gave it 5 out of 5 stars says, “Buy this now - your feet will thank you!”


Bilty Plantar Fasciitis Compression Socks

Do yourself a favor and get Bilty Plantar Fasciitis Compression socks to give your arches the support they deserve. These socks are especially great if you’re using a standing desk as it will keep your feet comfortably supported for hours. These socks improve circulation and protect you from undesirable aches and pains. Wear them all day for extra comfort and keep them on while you’re sleeping too! Do not worry about having smelly feet because the moisture wicking fabric keeps your feet smelling and feeling fresh. 


So be kind to your feet and get these top selling socks that have received over 16,000 ratings on Amazon and numerous five star reviews. One of the reviewers finds the product, “Perfect for helping with pain.” Another reviewer describes how it made him a believer, “I immediately put the sleeve on my foot and the initial sensation was almost an audible laugh because I thought, "there's no way this thing can have any effect." Two hours later I was noticing some relief and 10 hours later it was remarkable. If you are suffering from plantar fasciitis, I strongly recommend that you add these sleeves to your healing program. I am not a medical professional and I have not realized complete healing, but this morning I can take a step with almost no pain. The price is well worth the relief. I'm still walking carefully and will continue with the goal of complete healing but these sleeves are now the cornerstone upon which I build my hope for full recovery.”


Desk Cycle

If you don’t have a standing desk at home, you may be getting tired of the endless hours of sitting. Keep your body moving and your mind engaged and cycle while you sit!


The Desk Cycle is a great way to sneak in a workout while still getting your work done. Simply place it under your desk or anywhere you are working from and pedal away. The pedaling motion is easy on joints, so you won’t feel like you’re pushing yourself to get a workout in. It comes with 8 different resistance settings so you can choose the one that best suits you. Opt for the easier setting when the work is hectic and you need all your concentration, or go for the challenging resistance to get the most out of your work day. The machine even monitors your overall speed, time, distance and calories. 


The desk cycle has received almost 4,000 ratings on Amazon and people are loving it for the increased multitasking it offers. Skip the gym and workout at work! 


A satisfied customer says, “I’m down 30 lbs in 7 months and feeling GREAT! This helped me build stamina and lose weight after a 4-year illness. I couldn’t do very hard exercises so I got two of these- one for work and one for home. I have convinced multiple coworkers to buy these and now our corporate gym is selling them on campus. This is absolutely SILENT and it will literally be a deal breaker on accepting any future jobs if I can’t have this at my desk. Now, no matter how awful work is, I know that I’m at least getting paid to improve my health.”   


Since we don’t know how long we’ll be working from home for, we might as well get used to this. We hope these Zabba approved products make your work from home life that much easier.

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