How to Keep Your Kids Busy at Home

We are living in uncertain times, facing a pandemic that has forced us to change the normal life we were so used to. As adults we are better equipped to understand and deal with the situation, but it can be that much more challenging for our kids. So what can we do to make these times as normal for them as possible? This is a question many parents are asking themselves. 

It is no easy feat keeping your kids entertained with fun activities that make them happy and give them an outlet to release their energy. Many parents rely on outdoor activities to keep their kids engaged; but with winter approaching, it means we will need some creative indoor activities as well.


Here are some easy activities to help you switch up your play time routine and make it more fun for everyone. These simple activities can be a lifeline in these tough days.


Craft sticks banner


If you are crafting at home then this is a must-have. You can teach your children counting, different shapes and the alphabet or make unique objects and patterns. Ask your children to use their imagination; they could make a fan, a flower, a boat, a ladder or a tower. You can also make photo frames with these sticks and then put pictures of you together in them. 


The sticks are $19.99 and include 300 pieces. A five star reviewer describes them as an “Excellent Product.” Another says, “I create fans for every occasion. By far these are the best I have ever used!” These popsicle sticks are made of high quality white birch wood with rounded edges, making them safe for anyone to use. 


Quility kids weighted blanket


In these taxing times, we can all use a hug, especially children. These weighted blankets give that cuddly feel and promote a restful night's sleep. 


When children are anxious or scared, they tend to hold tightly on to their favorite toys or blanket because they seek comfort in its warmness. The Quilty kids weighted blankets serve the same purpose, wrapping them up in a hug and giving them a sense of protection. The weight of the blanket keeps their body calm and lulls them peacefully to sleep. 


This is definitely a product worth having. Find out which size and weight is ideal for your child before ordering. The size chart and weight is given on Amazon.


A five star reviewer says she was skeptical about this product first, but now was a believer. Another describes the positive change it made when she gifted it to her son in these words, “He put the duvet cover on and slept with it overnight, when I saw him the next day he was responsive and looked rested, I asked how he liked it and he BEAMED, he loved it. Since then I have noticed he is more engaging, overall in a better, happier mood, and things that are stressing him out are not affecting him at the same level (as far as I can tell). My only regret is not having found this product sooner.”


Power Practical Luminoodle


Children always get excited when you give them toys with flashing lights, so they are sure to love Luminoodle. You can light up their doll houses or forts with these color changing LED strings. Make their play space even more exciting and brighten it up with Luminoodle.


Luminoodle is waterproof and comes with a dimmer so you can easily customize its brightness level to your liking. Other than decorating and having fun with, the versatile string lights are also useful when going camping or out walking. A reviewer praises it saying, “I love these lights!!! I have 4 each 10 footers and 2 each 5 footers. I take them when we travel and use black Velcro One Wrap to secure them to the balconies of hotel rooms or whatever is gonna give us the best vibe.”


Brush Hero Car Wheel Brush


Next time you plan to wash your car or bike, be sure to include your children and make it fun with BrushHero. They’ll love the spinning brush head that sprays water, giving them the option to spray themselves or each other.  They’re sure to be entertained for hours.  All you have to do is attach it to any garden hose and the water pressure will do the job, while you can have a fun water day.



The above mentioned products may not be the first things that come to your mind when you think of keeping kids busy, but they will surely keep them occupied in a constructive way. These Zabba approved products will allow them to get moving, get creative and stay entertained.

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