How To Make Cold Brew From Home

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If you’re anything like us, you love cold brew coffee, but you might not love waiting in line and paying coffee house prices for it. Why not become your own barista and make cold brew coffee at home. We’ve gathered easy to use, Zabba approved products to save you time and money on the cold brew you love. 


Cold brew is made by soaking coffee beans in cold or room-temperature water for approximately twelve hours to extract the bean’s caffeine, sugars and oils. Since the beans are not exposed to high temperatures, the end result is a sweeter, richer taste bursting with flavor. Due to its brewing method, cold brew has a higher level of caffeine but half the acidity of a traditional hot coffee, making it easier to digest as well. Swap out sodas and other sugary drinks for a cold brew coffee to get that caffeine kick you’re after!


With the following two products in your kitchen, you can turn your home into a coffee shop and enjoy your favorite drink without leaving the house. Read on to find out all about their uses and advantages. 


All in one Coffee Gator Cold Brew Kit

The All in One Coffee Gator Cold Brew Kit is available for $25.99 on Amazon where it has received over 1,100 ratings. This convenient, all in one kit will have you making a hassle free cup of cold brew, no straining required! The maker comes with a protective no-slip base and a filter made of BPA free plastic. The detachable bottom cap easily unscrews for easy cleaning. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe.  This kit also has the ability to brew fruit infused tea and water. According to one customer review it makes great lemonade; simply pour water over the lemons sitting in the chamber. 


Coffee Gator also provides a collapsible rubber funnel  and a scoop that comes in handy to measure your coffee ground portions. One of the many five star reviews on Amazon states “The included scoop and funnel makes it really easy to measure and place the coffee in the sieve. The thickness of the glass is good and it gives you a comfortable feeling that this thing won't break in your hands when you wash it or when the seal of the lid won't come loose (that happens).The lid seals the entire jar pretty good and has a rubber seal itself - I don't want my coffee to take on other flavors from stuff that might be in my refrigerator.” Another reviewer described Coffee Gator Cold Brew as an ‘Excellent Product’ stating “After opening the box and reviewing the coffee gator as well as the funnel and the scoop I admit I was very impressed with quality and functionality. I was happy that the coffee gator was the right height. The funnel is great to have for ease of filling and reducing any mess from spilled grounds.”

Cold Brew Coffee Maker on Tap

This Cold Brew Coffee Maker is available on Amazon for $33.99. The jar is the perfect size to fit in your fridge and has the capacity to serve 12 full mugs of cold brew. That’s a lot of coffee! The airtight lid seals the jar tightly to keep your cold brew fresh for up to two weeks. No more brewing every morning. The filter is made out of fine mesh, ensuring no grounds or residue escape and keeping the clean up quick and easy. 


Customers have particularly praised the quality of the filter. In one of the many Amazon five star reviews, the customer reported : “The Mesh Filter has to be the best part of this entire product - it allows for an easy-to-use coffee making process, an extremely easy cleanup, and the ability to make, both, Quick Coffee and Strong Coffee.” 


Another one of these happy customers deemed the product as ‘Best in the Market.’ He stated that the maker “Finally solved my cold brew problems. This is a perfect size to last a couple weeks for 2 people. The mesh basket is a perfect fit in the jar, and the spigot is leak-free. I may even buy another one just to have even more cold brew on hand!”


Now you know how simple it can be to brew your cold brew at home. These products will save you time and money, while also making the cold brew making process extremely convenient.. Both Coffee Gator and Willow & Everett are well-reputed brands, known for offering good value for money products and excellent customer service. Rest assured, these Zabba approved products won’t let you down. 

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