Father's Day Gifts: The Best Zabba Products for Dad

He taught you how to tie a tie, ride a bike, and how to get the biggest eye roll from Mom. On Sunday, June 21st, you get to celebrate your #1 hero - Dad.  

Famously, Dads are mercilessly difficult to shop for. They always say they don’t need anything, but they’re worth more than a gift card. Don’t worry - we’ve rounded up a list of the best Zabba Approved gifts to give your dad this year.

Order soon - Amazon reports Prime’s 2-day shipping is returning soon, but probably not before Father’s Day. 


For the fit dads  

1. TrailBuddy Trekking Poles

Team up for a Father’s Day hike! Get some sunshine and explore the great outdoors all while protecting dear old dad’s knees and back. TrailBuddy Trekking poles are adjustable to any height, and feature premium cork handles for a comfortable grip in any weather. They come in 8 colors, so you can get dad’s favorite. 

TrailBuddy Trekking Poles have 4.8 stars, over 9,800 ratings and hold the Amazon’s Choice Badge. Tell your dad to take a hike (in a good way) for just $35.99.


2. URBNFit Exercise Ball 

Whether your dad is working on his six pack abs, or just working from home, this ball is clutch. Sitting on a stability ball rather than a traditional chair encourages good posture by engaging the core. It’s also comfy on the tush, and keeps the mind a little more awake with all that balancing. For more about this product and other ideas for staying in shape at home, check out Don't Sweat It: Everything You Need for a Zabba Approved Home Gym.

The URNBFit Exercise Ball has 4.5 stars, over 7,000 ratings and comes in 11 colors. Prices start at just $27.97.


For the dad who never gets the summertime blues

3. Katchy

A bug trap but make it fashion. This high-tech looking bug trap is the perfect way to kick off BBQ season. Katchy lures gnats, fruit flies, and mosquitos in with the UV light, sucks them down, and sticks them to a glue pad. Imagine your father’s joy as he counts his overall kills and texts you pictures of hundreds of dead bugs every morning. To learn more, check out Zabba Finds: The Best Indoor Bug Trap.

Katchy has 4 stars, over 4,100 ratings, and comes in either black or white. Hook your dad into counting his #KatchyKills for just $39.79.


4. Yardstash Deck Box

So he likes a clean garage, sue him. Yardstash has a whole line of products devoted to storage solutions for bikes, coolers, grills, lawn tools, sports equipment, and other gear. They protect your stuff from water damage and sun rot while also keeping your outdoor spaces tidy. 

The Yardstash XL Deck Box has 4.6 stars, 176 ratings, and holds the Amazon’s Choice Badge. Help dad keep everything in ship shape for $119.89.


For the dad with the rad man cave

5. “Hookey” Ring Toss Game

Just in time for summer. In between grilling out and mowing the lawn, there’s always time for a little healthy competition. Hookey is a simple ring-toss style game with bits of horseshoes and darts. It’s fun for the whole family, but best played with a cold one in the other hand. 

Pro Tip: order one for yourself ahead of time and practice to make dad really proud (and a little provoked).

The Hookey Game has 4.6 stars, over 1,000 ratings, and holds the Amazon’s Choice Badge. Establish a new family tradition for just $34.97.


6. Luminoodle

Add some cool lighting to the dreary garage. This is exactly what your dad needs to turn his man cave into an even cooler, more masculine man cave. It’s got a wireless remote with a dimmer, and 15 colors so he can coordinate with whichever team he’s rooting for. 

Luminoodle has 4.5 stars, over 5,600 ratings, and holds the Amazon’s Choice Badge. Light him up for $44.99.


For the gadget dad 

7. Vybe Pro

Vybe percussion massage guns make full body relaxation a masculine pursuit. The Vybe Pro has all the benefits of a professional massage, but your dad doesn’t have to leave his house, or even interact with another person. It’s great for muscle recovery, joint pain, or just good old fashioned stress relief. Your dad deserves it after dragging the push mower all over the lawn ever since you left for college. For more on the wonderful benefits of percussion massage, check out Product Spotlight: The VYBE Pro.

The VYBE Pro has 4.7 stars, and over 900 ratings. Send your dad good vybes for just $197.97.


8. Sparkr Wick Electric Lighter

This is the single best grilling accessory available on Amazon. It lights via PLASMA BEAMS. Need we say more. Great for windy or wet conditions. Light backyard BBQs, camping trips, fire pits, kitchen, fireworks, and impressing your other gadget-loving friends. 

Sparkr has 4.5 stars, over 300 ratings, and holds the Amazon’s Choice Badge. Fire up the pyrotechnics for just $24.99.


9. This Worx Car Vacuum

Your dad loves a clean car. Make it even easier for him to keep it that way with this vacuum designed specifically for vehicles. It plugs right into the 12V outlet, and comes with 3 attachments to get into every nook and cranny. And just maybe your dad will even let you eat chips in his car.

ThisWorx has 4.1 stars, over 16,000 ratings, and currently holds the #1 Best Seller Badge in vacuums. Restore that new-car quality for just $37.99. 


For the dad who’s a member of the finer things club

10. Wine Tools from HiCoup

Get your dad the tools to bring out the best in his cabernets and noirs. This crystal decanter softens tannins, separates sediments, and adds sophistication to any occasion. The Hicoup waiter’s corkscrew opens bottles without ever breaking the cork. 


Shop HiCoup Corkscrews

Get the 4.7 star corkscrew with over 8,000 ratings for $11.99 (it’s currently the #1 Best Seller). Get the 4.5 star crystal decanter with over 480 ratings for $28.99.


11. Coffee Gator Cold Brew Kit

Fact: dads like their coffee the way they like their movie villains—cold and strong (looking at you Kylo Ren).  The coffee cold brew kit makes it unbelievably easy to make delicious barista quality coffee right at home. 

This Cold Brew Kit has 4.4 stars, and over 680 ratings. Treat your dad to a refreshing energy boost for just $25.99.


Make it the best day ever

You love your dad, so make sure he gets the same special treatment he always gives you. For more quality products backed by real reviews, shop Zabba Approved. And check out our blogs like Mother’s Day Gifts: Zabba Approved Products for Mom for more great gift ideas. 

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