Zabba's Back to School Essentials

Zabba’s got everything you need to jumpstart the school year. Whether your kids are heading back or logging in, set your family up for success with these Zabba products. 

Nothing helps kids get into the groove like a dedicated workspace. These unique premium supplies will help your kids focus up and get excited to learn. 


Mobile Whiteboard

Work out math problems, practice spelling, or take a much-needed doodling break with this XL Mobile Whiteboard. It’s double-sided with magnetic backing makes this product the perfect tool for home learning or after school studying. The wheels make it easy to roll out of the way when needed too. 

This study station has 4.7 stars, over 170 ratings, and currently holds the Amazon’s Choice badge. Make it yours for $249.99.


Luminoodle Bias Lighting

Bias lighting is designed to wrap around the back of your computer monitor or TV to reduce the strain on the viewer’s eyes. Help your kid stay focused and avoid blue light headaches with easy-to-install bias lighting by Luminoodle. Plug it right into the monitor’s USB port and choose from 15 colors to customize the look. 

Luminoodle Bias lighting has 4.5 stars, over 2,600 ratings, and currently holds Amazon’s #1 Best Seller badge. Make learning colorful for just $16.99.


Planner & Notebooks by Papercode

Some things never change. These classic school essentials are here to stay. Get a two-pack of luxury notebooks and a Simple elephant Planner to keep track of assignments, goals, and organizations. Both items have a real premium quality feel for family-friendly prices. 

There’s no better way to encourage organization and planning than with the Simple Elephant Planner. It is structured like a traditional planner but has the freedom and flexibility of a bullet journal with a sophisticated leatherette cover too. 

The Simple Elephant Planner has 4.5 stars, over 2,000 ratings, and comes in 4 colors for just $17.99. 


With thick no-bleed lined paper and perforated pages, these understated notebooks are perfect for journaling or taking notes.  

The Luxury Notebook 2-Pack has 4.7 stars, over 600 ratings, and currently holds the Amazon’s Choice Badge. Get it for just $16.98.


Hercules Tuff Charging Station

Keep everything and everyone powered up and ready to go with this customizable charging station from Hercules Tuff. Charge up to 6 USB compatible devices at once. 

This version comes with 3 Apple cables and 3 micro USB cables. It has 4.4 stars, over 150 ratings, and currently holds the Amazon’s Choice Badge. Dock your devices with elegant efficiency for just $44.97.

Wobble Cushion by URBNFit

Great for in chairs and balance exercises during break time. Sensory cushions have been shown to help kids stay still and be more engaged when sitting in a chair. They’ll be sure to burn off a bit of energy while practicing coordination and flexibility. 

This balance disk comes in 4 colors, has 4.4 stars, over 800 ratings, and currently holds the Amazon’s Choice badge. Get one for just $19.97.


Ring Toss Game by Elite Sportz

This simple backyard game will help your kids develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills while having fun. It comes with its own durable storage bag so you can pack it away, and take it to the beach or on a camping trip. Sets up indoors or outdoors in 2 minutes or less. 

With 4.4 stars and over 3,000 ratings, this game currently holds the Amazon’s Choice Badge. Make time for family fun for just $38.97.


Watercolor Paint Set by Crafts 4 ALL

Encourage your kids to express themselves while practicing mobility skills. Painting can be a  relaxing activity for both kids and adults. This kit from Crafts 4 ALL comes with 24 colors and includes 3 brushes to get you started. Just add water—literally! 

This Watercolor Paint Set has 4.7 starts, over 1,400 ratings, and currently holds the Amazon’s Choice Badge. Open up the imagination for just $20.99.

Quility Weighted Blanket

Nothing powers the brain like a good night’s rest. These premium weighted blankets by Quility will soothe, calm, and lull your kids into a deep sleep. They come with a removable duvet cover as well, so you can keep it clean and fresh throughout the year. 

With 4.7 stars, over 1,800 ratings and currently priced at $99.70, Quility Weighted Blanket currently holds the Amazon’s Choice Badge. 

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