Hosting for the Holidays

Hosting over the holidays brings home the joy of friends and family. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of Thanksgiving feasts or on the Eve of cooking your first Christmas meal, these Zabba products will **wow** your guests. You might just find a few gift ideas too.

Kiss the CookSky Solutions

Long hours cooking and baking can be draining when you’re looking forward to joining in on the festivities. Relieve the pressure in your feet, knees, and back with a cushioned comfort mat. SkySolutions Anti-Fatigue Mats are nonslip, never wrinkle, and stain-resistant—perfect for the holiday cooking bonanza. And the Lifetime Replacement Promise makes them a worthy investment for many celebrations to come.
4.7 stars, over 15,000 ratings, and currently holds the Amazon’s Choice Badge

Otis Classic Whipped Cream Dispenser

Make your pastries a real treat with this stainless steel whipped cream dispenser. It includes two decorative nozzle tips and gourmet recipes for whipped cream flavors like Honey Bourbon and Maple Vanilla. Use your new favorite kitchen gadget to top desserts, hot beverages, cocktails, and more. 
4.6 stars, over 800 ratings, and currently holds the Amazon’s Choice Badge
 Hercules Tuff Charging Station

Within minutes of your guests’ arrival, two things are certain: 1. someone’s going to ask for the wifi password; and 2., someone’s going to need to charge their phone. 

Make it easy with a docking station. It keeps everything in one place, so your guests aren’t fighting for outlets, and nobody’s new Christmas present gets stepped on. This version comes with four iPhone cords and two for androids, but you can mix and match any USB devices. 
4.4 stars, over 5,200 ratings, and currently holds the Amazon’s Choice Badge

Holiday Cheers

HiCoup Crystal Wine Decanter

Decanters are traditionally used to aerate wines and to separate the sediments in many rich reds, but they’re also a great way to elevate your tablescape. Hicoup’s decanter is a beautiful addition to any table. It’s made from lead-free crystal and comes with a beautiful box for gifting and storing. Its swanlike design makes it appropriate for any gathering either as a decanter or as an elegant carafe for juices, water, or iced tea. The best part about Hicoup’s decanter? It’s dishwasher safe!
4.5 stars and over 900 ratings

 HiCoup Wing Corkscrew Wine Opener

 A quality corkscrew and a bottle opener are celebration essentials. HiCoup’s sturdy winged corkscrew has both. It has rubber-gripped handles that make opening a bottle of wine completely effortless, and it comes with a stylish wine stopper too.  And, just like Hicoup’s traditional waiter’s corkscrew, the winged corkscrew has a precision cut notch in the worm guaranteeing you never break another cork. 
4.4 stars and over 3,000 ratings

Coffee Gator Pour Over Coffee Maker

It’s the most wonderful (and cozy) time of the year. Perfect for fresh coffee. Now you can experience the luxurious cafe aromas at home. Pour-over coffee allows more time for the water to bring the flavor out of the coffee grounds, giving each cup a more robust taste. It is similar to the smooth taste of cold brew, but with the warmth of a traditional cup of coffee. Check out cold brew makers, espresso makers, French presses, travel mugs, canisters, and more here
4.5 stars and 2,100 ratings

Snuggle Up

Ultrablock Waterproof Mattress Protector

Give your guests the peace of mind that they’re sleeping in a bed that’s just as clean as it is comfortable. UltraBlock protects mattresses from bacteria, fungus, chemicals, pollen, dust, and of course, liquids. UltraBlock has fitted elastic sewn around the entire edge of the protector, so it stays put. It’s silent, breathable, and plush, making your guest bed even more comfortable than it was before. 
4.6 stars and over 1,200 ratings

Luxury Comforter by Beckham Hotel Collection

Bring home hotel luxury and quality with a new comforter by Beckham Hotel Collection. These lightweight, goose down alternative comforters are hypoallergenic, and they have the softest, most luxurious feel you can find. Choose from six color options. 
4.6 stars and over 5,900 ratings

Brushed Microfiber Sheet Set by Beckham Hotel Collection

A fresh set of sheets always adds an extra layer of comfort to a guest bed. This Beckham Hotel Collection set has the mega softness of microfiber without losing the cooling breathability needed for a good night’s sleep. It’s stain-proof too. 
4.4 stars and over 560 ratings

Gel Pillows by Beckham Hotel Collection

Perfect for stomach, back, and side sleepers alike—your guests will feel right at home. These gel pillows provide the support of memory foam without losing the plush comfort and breathability of down. And they are machine washable, so they’ll be perfectly clean for your next overnight guest. 
4.5 stars, over 47,000 ratings, and currently holds the Amazon’s Choice Badge